Alan Redstone, LMFT

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

The Emotional Intelligence 101 Show

The Emotional Intelligence 101 Show consists of 16 original songs that are inspirational, heart-centered, psycho-educational, psycho-spiritual and therapeutic.

Human beings are motivated by two things; we seek pleasure and we avoid pain. Emotional Intelligence is about embracing all our feelings, not just the pleasurable ones. That means experiencing fear, grief, and anger. If you choke those off, you also choke off your ability to experience love and joy.

Emotional intelligence is about letting go of judgment and blame.
It’s about forgiveness and gratitude.
Emotional intelligence is about being in touch with your needs, & asking for help when you need it.
Emotional intelligence is about developing and maintaining safe relationships in which you can trust being vulnerable and authentic with your support network of friends.
Its about intimacy.
Emotional intelligence is about healing your wounds.
It’s about facing your shadow.
It’s about the Hero’s Journey.
Emotional intelligence is about self-care, self-soothing, self-regulation, self-acceptance and self-love.
It’s about wellness and wholeness.

The Emotional Intelligence 101 Show is perfect for:

  • Personal growth workshops, conferences and seminars
  • Fairs, Festivals and Special Events
  • New Thought spiritual gatherings and churches
  • School Programs
  • In-home concerts
  • Private music therapy sessions

For information and bookings please call 530-412-3050, or email