Alan Redstone, LMFT

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

About Me

Alan Redstone, LMFT

I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist specializing in individual, couples, group, and family therapy. I maintain a small private practice in Truckee, California, where I have lived for about 20 years. I specialize in helping adult males learn emotional intelligence: Getting in touch with and expressing feelings in healthy ways.

I know all about this journey from my own personal history, and from my education and training. I can save you years of suffering by trying to do it all by yourself. That's not even possible. The only way out of it is through it. Medications, though sometimes necessary if you can't function, only mask the symptoms of the underlying problems. Medications by themselves do not cure the real problems. Medications in conjunction with psychotherapy has been scientifically validated to be much more effective than medications alone.

Whether you are on medications or not, I can help you face your feelings at whatever pace you are comfortable with. I am happy to work in collaboration with your psychiatrist if you are on medications. I will not judge you. I will support your process. Once you get comfortable facing your feelings, the symptoms will gradually dissipate. If and when they resurface, you will have the tools to face them, and learn from them. It gets easier with time and experience. I can teach you how to embrace, let go, and move on. I've been licensed since 2013, and prior to that, worked as an LMFT Intern in a number of settings including hospice, drug and alcohol counseling, a methadone clinic, working with emotionally disturbed children, teaching domestic violence and substance abuse classes, and doing intakes and therapy at a private psychiatric practice (Dr. David Foster, Auburn, CA). I can help you with anxiety, depression, addictions, emotional intelligence, grief and loss, anger management, self-esteem, assertiveness, relaxation, hypnosis, meditation, mindfulness, forgiveness, communication skills, self-acceptance, self-love, self-regulation, gratitude, and more.

I am an interactive, solution-focused therapist, but often use different approaches such as CBT, Object Relations, Interpersonal Neurobiology, Self-Psychology, Emotionally Focused Therapy, Hypnosis, and Psychodynamic Therapy. It depends on what is best for you, and what you want. My therapeutic approach is to provide support, education, and practical feedback to help you effectively address whatever issues or personal life challenges you are facing. With compassion and understanding, I work with you as an individual to help you build on your strengths, and attain the personal growth you are committed to accomplishing.

Sometimes, the hardest step is making the phone call to ask for help. Asking for help is a strength, not a weakness, as so many of us were taught. Everybody needs help at times, and I can help you even if you are ashamed, or shame-based. Make the call and I'll give you a free consultation on the phone before you decide whether to schedule an appointment with me, or not. If I'm not the right therapist for you, I'll be happy to provide you with referrals to other local Therapists. I'm here to help, because I know how hard life can be at times. I've been there.

A long time ago, I made a pledge to myself and God, that if I ever found a way out of my suffering, I would help other people find a way out of theirs. Although we are all unique beings, our feelings are often similar. Grief is grief. Despair is despair. Anxiety is anxiety. Anger is anger. Depression is depression. If one method doesn't work, we will find another. I have quite an arsenal of tools in my toolbox. I'm not attached to any one method. I honor your courage to face your issues (even if you are terrified), and will work with you, and for you. Our time together is about you, not me.

In my spare time, I read psychology books, write, attend professional psychology seminars and conferences, meditate, ride my dirt bike, do home improvements, play my guitar, and spend time in nature. I have been active in The Mankind Project (MKP) since 2008. I have produced a new CD of original inspirational healing songs (EQ101), and am writing a book about self-love and self-acceptance titled: From Self-Hate to Self-Love: Understanding Child Abuse, Abandonment, and Neglect, It's effects, and How To Overcome Them

LMFT License #: MFC53796

Education: Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology, Argosy University (San Francisco Bay Area), 2006

Additional Training: Hypnosis, Motivational Interviewing, EMDR, and many other modalities.

Member of CAMFT since 2005 (California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists)

Volunteer at over 20 Milton Erickson Foundation professional conferences

I have presented at National conferences, speaking and performing on the topic of music in the healing process.