Alan Redstone, LMFT

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Does Anybody Really Care What’s Going On Inside Your Mind?

Alan Redstone, LMFT

There is an unending stream of thoughts and feelings swimming inside your mind. It’s so much to sort through. It could be anxiety, sadness, or anger. You could be plagued by indecision or self-doubt. You might be overwhelmed by your unique situation. Who could possibly make sense of all this? Who really cares enough to listen to all the details? Who do you know that has the time and patience to help you? Who has the wisdom and experience to understand you and help you? Not many people have those abilities.

Most of the people you know are wrapped up with their own lives and challenges. They may have a few minutes now and then to listen and give you some practical advice, but most people want to talk more than they listen. Even if they love you and deeply care for you, they need to get back to their own life and responsibilities. Even if you are the most important person in their life, they may not have the skills and ability to sustain focused attention to the issues that are bothering you.

Perhaps an experienced professional psychotherapist can help you. Someone who can help you get grounded and clear. Someone who can teach you how to help yourself. A good therapist will not keep you in therapy any longer than you need it. A good therapist will help you get on your feet in the shortest time possible, without rushing you. A good therapist will listen patiently so you can be understood. Together, as a team, we can successfully address your concerns.

You are the co-therapist. You are the expert on what’s going on inside you. You know your history better than anyone. You are experiencing some turbulence, and you want resolution. Somewhere inside you, there is a knowing. I can help you find it, know it, and grow it. When we’re finished, you’ll walk away with tools to navigate the rest of your life. And if a new problem comes up down the road, you can come back for more help. If I’m not available, you’ll know how to find another good therapist. By then you’ll know what questions to ask, and you’ll trust yourself to make the right decision. Help is a phone call away: (Click to Call) 530-412-3050.

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